War in Israel: Armistice ends - Gaza hostilities resume

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Hostilities have resumed in the Gaza Strip after a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel expired at 7am today.

The Israeli army has announced that it has resumed its operations against the Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He accused Hamas of violating the terms of a cease-fire that had been in place since November 24 by opening fire on Israeli territory.

According to Palestinian media, northern sectors of the Gaza Strip are being bombarded.

Earlier the IDF announced that the Iron Dome air defense system intercepted a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip, triggering the activation of air defense sirens in areas around the Palestinian enclave.

The "successful" interception of the rocket came roughly an hour before the November 24 ceasefire agreement expired.

There has been no reaction from Hamas so far, no claim of responsibility.

According to Israel's state-run Kan TV network, it is the first time air defense sirens have been activated since the ceasefire came into effect. Chahal, the Israeli military, said it was the second — recalling that another rocket had been fired shortly after the ceasefire began.

At the same time, eyewitnesses told AFP that they heard fighter jets and drones flying in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, while the Shebab News Agency, which is considered close to Hamas, spoke via Telegram of gunfire. and explosions in this area.

Neither the parties, nor Qatar, which mediates between them, announced an extension of the agreement.

It is recalled that the American newspaper Wall Street Journal reported earlier, citing its sources in the Egyptian diplomacy, that Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, in power in the Gaza Strip, agreed to extend the truce for an eighth day, in order to facilitate the release and other Israeli hostages in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Source: protothema.gr