Fisherman was fighting to catch a fish that… was finally a white shark (Video)

A man from New Zealand was surprised to find that there was a big fish under the rod

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A man from New Zealand had gone fishing with his friends on the shore of the Bay of Plenty and was surprised to find that there was a large fish under the rod. After several minutes of fighting to catch the fish, he found that it was a white shark.

"The day before I was with my partner for kayaking in the same place. I have never seen anything like it here, except hammerhead babies or whalers. It was an exciting experience. Those who saw the shark were shocked as they were swimming in this spot a while ago. "There were several locals who said they had never seen a white shark," said the fisherman.

The shark jumped out of the water and shocked the people there. He looked young in stature, but he was strong enough to escape. The incident took place a few days after the authorities warned of possible shark visits.

"If you are visiting the ocean, you have to be a little careful about what is happening around you and swim where there are lifeguard patrols. "Do not swim alone," said the expert from the New Zealand Department of Marine Protection.

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