Auction - horror in New Zealand: Family bought suitcases with dismembered bodies

The family opened the hideous contents of the warehouse a day after buying it, only to immediately call the police

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A very unpleasant surprise awaited a family in New Zealand who bought a storage unit containing suitcases at auction, hoping it would contain untold treasures.

Instead of valuables or items of even sentimental value, the Oakland family, taking advantage of the trend of buying abandoned warehouses through auctions for a low price, were horrified to find that the suitcases contained dismembered corpses.

Authorities did not press charges against the family, who notified police as soon as they opened the first suitcase and saw the disgusting contents.

According to neighbors, at least three hearses showed up at the property.

"I feel bad for the family because it had nothing to do with it.", a neighbor told Newshub.

"For whoever did it, it's horrific."

Authorities are now trying to identify the victims and locate the former owner of the suitcases and the storage unit.

Storage units are usually auctioned off when their owners fail to keep up with their payments.

It is currently unclear how long the bodies were in the suitcases or when the last payment was made by the previous owner.