Donald Trump launches fire against Germany over gas

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US President Donald Trump opened fire on Germany in a statement at the NATO summit in Brussels.

Donald Trump initially stated that "Alliance member states should put their hands in their pockets to boost defense spending" and, referring specifically to Germany, said that "Merkel is a rich country and does not pay for military spending. the money… that should ”.

Continuing, referring to Germany, he said:

"Germany is a hostage of Russia because of the gas. "It is not possible for us to pay billions and for it to give billions to the Russians to get natural gas."

The US President has characteristically stated that Russia uses natural gas to control Germany, while he did not fail to say that Berlin pays billions of dollars to Moscow, instead of fulfilling its obligations to NATO, which protects it from Russia.

The answer to Trump was given by the Minister of Defense of Germany, Ursula von der Layen, who stated:

"Germany is not a hostage to Russian policy. Undoubtedly we have many issues with Russia. "On the other hand, there is no doubt that a channel of communication should be maintained between countries or their alliances and adversaries."