Dogs smell the coronavirus in concerts: Which top bands use them

High success rates

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It is known that dogs are trained to detect drugs and explosives thanks to their sense of smell and to assist in police investigations, but now they are called to detect… the coronavirus!

Lately, however, many musicians are asking for the help of dogs that are specially trained to smell the coronavirus to ensure that their upcoming tours will take place without any problems.

According to a Rolling Stone post, artists and bands such as Eric Church, Tool, Metallica and The Black Keys have used dogs with a good sense of smell to smell musicians and technicians. If the dogs detect the virus they sit down and thus alert those concerned.

High success rates

The dogs they make are trained by the Bio-Detection K9 service based in Ohio, USA. The company claims that the dogs it has trained were "98-99% accurate in validation studies in clinical specimens and real humans".

"If you understand the instincts of a dog's behavior, it makes a lot of sense," Bio-Detection K9 president Jerry Johnson told Rolling Stone. "Dogs smell each other to see if the other dog has a virus. We train them to look for something that would interest them anyway ".

While the trainees were able to detect previous executives Covid-19 smelling hands and feet, are somehow able to better detect the Omicron mutation in the used coronavirus protection masks.

After numerous cancellations and postponements of concerts and festivals, many bands, such as Metallica, already have four-legged helpers, while Tool will take the trained dogs on tour.

Source: edaily