SHOCK - 36-year-old man kills 6-year-old boy in kindergarten in Russia (picture)

The case has shocked Russian public opinion

DAYCARE ARXEIO man, child, Russia

A 36-year-old man stormed a kindergarten in the northern polar city of Naryan-Mar, 1501 km from Moscow, and killed a six-year-old boy.

The man who was in a state of intoxication was arrested. According to police sources cited by TASS, he had not been involved with the authorities in the past.

At the kindergarten where the tragic incident took place, despite being guarded by a private security company, the perpetrator entered the building without being stopped.

Russia's Investigative Committee has prosecuted the murder of the little boy and negligence, while the perpetrator will be examined by psychiatrists.

drastis demenos paidikos stathmos rosia man, child, Russia

The investigation of the case, which has shocked Russian public opinion, has been personally undertaken by the chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, Alexander Bastrykin.

The district prosecutor's office announced that it will provide all assistance to the family of the six-year-old boy, while psychologists provide psychological support to the parents of the other children in the kindergarten.

A police source said that during the interrogation the perpetrator gave contradictory explanations for his act.

The town of Marian-Mar is the only town in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 110 km from the Barents Sea, and the nearest train station (Usinsk) is 350 km from the town.