In Britain, Trump to visit Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth

untitled collage QUEEN ELIZABETH, Vladimir Putin, PROTESTS, VISIT, Great Britain, Donald Trump, Theresa May

US President Donald Trump is paying a visit to Britain today.

The US President will meet for talks with the British Prime Minister Theresa May, while he will also accepted by Queen Elizabeth.


Trump will not visit central London to avoid protests over his policies.

The police operation to protect the American President is the largest in Britain since the London incidents in August 2011.

The evening will be attended by a formal reception in his honor, quoted by the British Prime Minister.

Tomorrow I will watch a military demonstration with Theresa May at Sandringham Base, then have talks with Theresa May at the Prime Minister's checkers and later meet with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.

After his visit to Britain, he will leave for Helsinki, Finland, to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.