The most expensive property in the world: It is worth 1,8 billion and has a garage of 168 cars (pics)

Antilia is called the most expensive property in the world, with a value of more than 1,8 billion euros.

The Antila in Mumbai

Expensive homes There are many categories, but there is one that stands out, as it plays without an opponent. We are talking about the most expensive property in the world, the antilia.

Most people will think that this is a house located on a foreign island or a seaside villa with ocean views. Wrong, the headquarters of this property is located in Bombay.

Its owner is Mukesh Ambani, which is in 10th place Bloomberg with billionaires worldwide as his fortune exceeds $ 80 billion.

You see, from the moment he is its president, director and major shareholder Reliance Industries Limited, sees revenue increase on a daily basis. So building a house of this value is nothing.

What does Antilia have? First of all, let's say that its height reaches 173 measures, which means it is quite imposing. It has three helicopter landing points, garage that can accommodate 168 cars, while it is built to withstand an earthquake 8 Richter. At least that's what the specifications say.

More details about the property where his family lives Ambani have not become known, as he takes care to keep them secret, like his wives, Nita gave us a little taste.