Cyprus: Fire in a house due to a chimney - The tenants left on time

The fire and the heat caused extensive damage to the upstairs house and its contents.

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A fire broke out at 21:26 last night, in an upstairs house in the village of Kato Amiantos, in Limassol.

According to the Fire Brigade, a Service vehicle and one of the British Troodos Bases went to the spot.

At the time of the fire, the two occupants were in the house, who managed to leave the house on time, as well as the occupant of the ground floor house, without any health problems.

The tenants were hosted by the mayor of the village in another place for the night.

The fire and heat caused extensive damage to the upstairs home and its contents.

Water coils and breathing apparatus had to be used to extinguish it. The fire was brought under control at 23:40 and seems to have come from the chimney.