Britain - Life for 6-year-old Arthur's mother - Tortured and killed - Punishment for father

Britain is shocked by the case of the torture and death of little Arthur.

arthur merge ARTHUR LAMPINO - Hughes, torture, Britain, trial, mother

Justice in Britain "spoke". The court that tried the tragic case of 6-year-old Arthur Lambino - Hughes sentenced Emma Tastin to life imprisonment, with a minimum sentence of 29 years.

The boy's 32-year-old mother was found guilty of the murder of her partner's 6-year-old son in June last year in the British city of Solihull. Thomas Hughes, 29, the wife of the woman who killed his son after horrific torture and did nothing to stop it, was sentenced to 21 years in prison. arthur ARTHUR LAMPINIO - HUGE, torture, Britain, trial, mother

The father encouraged the ruthless mother

It should be noted that the boy's father, although not present at home in the fatal attack that claimed the boy's life on June 16, 2020, evidence presented in court showed that the 29-year-old man encouraged the boy's brutal treatment by his mother.

At the same time, he subjected little Arthur to psychological torture, which made his life hell before he passed away.

According to the Daily Mail, the perpetrator did not appear in court today to announce her sentence. As the judge pointed out, the minimum sentence set at 29 years does not guarantee that he will be released from prison after completing it, but that he will have the right to appear before the competent committee and request parole. If its members give a negative answer, then it will remain in prison.

The judge catapulted

The judge referred to Tastin, who has four children of her own, as "a manipulative woman who would lie to anyone and blame anyone to save herself."

"The only mercy you have shown in your life is for yourself, and you never once apologized for the loss of Arthur who was in your care. You wanted Thomas Hughes to make a living for you and yours. you guys, but you no longer wanted Arthur's "weight".

The video that shocked Britain

The brutal abuse of the boy by his father and his partner was undoubtedly "one of the worst and most shocking cases" he has faced in his career, as the judge pointed out. "Arthur's cruel and inhuman treatment was the result of your conscious decision to treat his cries for help as naughty behavior."

The judge for Arthur's father

The judge said that the "encouragement" that Father Hughes gave to his partner to abuse his son was "creepy". "You were Arthur's father, a person he trusted and whose main responsibility was to protect him. "He was very vulnerable and you lied to his school in the last days of his life to protect yourself and Mrs. Tustin."

The horrible tortures

Recall that Tustin, along with Thomas Hughes, left the six-year-old boy fasting and gave him food with too much salt when he asked them to feed him. As it turned out in court, the last months of the child's life, before he finally died from a head injury after "repeated blows to a hard surface" were full of psychological and physical torture. The little guy was sometimes forced as a punishment to stand alone and stand for many hours a day. A total of 130 injuries, old and new, were found on the injured body of the child when he finally ended up in hospital.

What Arthur's biological mother said

Today, Arthur's biological mother, who is in prison for killing her partner in a quarrel, talked about the nightmare she lives after the death of her child. Her statement was read in court by the boy's grandmother, Madeleine Holcrow, who had to stop reading several times, unable to hold back her tears.

"He was just a child, he had no one to talk to, no one to turn to for help when he was frightened and in need of protection… My son's bright blue eyes had lost their luster and he was no longer smiling. They stole the spark of his character and his innocence and then ended his life… A child, my child, my little helpless and tender beloved child was murdered. His short life was stolen from him. "He will never celebrate Christmas or his birthday again," the woman said in a statement. arthur 1 ARTHUR LAMPINO - Hughes, torture, Britain, trial, mother

The statements of Arthur's grandmother

The grandmother of the unfortunate 6-year-old, Lampinio Halcrow, described Arthur as excited because he knew he would see her soon. Not knowing how nightmarish the boy was living and of course the tragic fate that awaited him, he could not say goodbye. "I did not have time to remind him how handsome he was or how much I loved him," she said in a statement.

A representative of Boris Johnson was present

It should be noted that a spokesman for Boris Johnson said today that the British Prime Minister had found the details of the case extremely worrying, and that "his thoughts are with the people who loved Arthur" and that no child should suffer what he suffered.

"It is clear that there are questions that need to be answered in order to find out how this happened," said Johnson's spokesman, referring to the omissions and mistakes of the welfare services that failed to save the boy, although there were allegations of abuse. fell into the void.