Britain: Daughter sets fire to house because she was hungry (Images)

She threatened to set fire to the house if her father did not buy her food

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Surely we have all felt an irritability having hours to eat and extreme hunger, however even that can not justify some things…

In Britain, a 20-year-old woman set fire to a house when she asked her father, who was at work at the time, to buy her food, but he refused, urging her to take it alone.

She herself threatened to set fire to the house, but her father thought it was something his daughter said to her nerves.

However είπε he said it and he did it.

A few minutes later he rang his phone again. It was again his daughter who told him "the fire is out of control".

Firefighters managed to control the fire that started in the father's bedroom and spread to other rooms.

The 20-year-old admitted that she lit the fire by burning a tissue in a cardboard box.

"Only she knows why she thought setting fire to her father's bedroom was a good idea or an acceptable reaction to a shopping spree," the police officer said.

Bushra was sentenced to 18 months in social work in a local court and ordered to complete the restoration of the house in 40 days. She was also fined λι 1.000.

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