Zelensky: "World War III will start and then it will be too late to make a no-fly zone"

Volodymyr Zelensky sent a new message to the West in an interview with Sky News.

zelensky 2 VOLONTIMIR ZELENSKY, Ukraine, Russia

Volodymyr Zelensky continues to call for a no-fly zone over Ukraine to stop Russian bombing.

"World War III will start and then you will make the no-fly zone. "But it will be too late," the Ukrainian president told Sky News in an interview.

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More specifically, in an interview given to Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford, Zelensky once again scolded the "West's indecision to close the skies."

Asked about the fact that such a move could lead to an escalation and a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, Zelensky replied:

"Worse for whom? For our families? No. For them; Who knows; Nobody knows. But we know that right now things are very bad. And in the future it will be too late. Believe me if the situation is prolonged, you will see. They will close the sky, but we will lose millions of people. World War III will begin and only then will you become a no-fly zone. But it will be too late. "

"If you are united against the Nazis and this terrorism, then you must choose. "Do not wait for me to ask you countless times," he added.