138 rapes in Cyprus in six years

On the occasion of the complaint of the 24-year-old from Thessaloniki for a rape case, the psychologist and sociologist Antonis Raftis analyzes the multiple faces that the rape has, the social responsibility and the psychology of the victim

viasmos VIOLENCE

More and more rape cases are being made public every day. On the occasion of the incident with the 24-year-old in Thessaloniki, who is allegedly raped, two phenomena were observed: On the one hand, the social outrage is intense, while there is now mass solidarity with the victims. Fortunately, socially we have got rid of the taboos that restricted us and now the victims (either of rape or other forms of violence) can speak openly, but also realize that they are not responsible. There are, however, still cases in which the close family environment, but also sections of society, judging superficially "set up the victims" on the wall, blaming them for the abuse they suffered.

When an act constitutes rape

Antonis Raftis, psychologist - sociologist, speaking to "S" clarifies the term "rape", emphasizing: "The word rape says it all. That is, there is violence. It is an act in which one resists and the other forcibly takes what he wants. However, even if a person does not resist (because he is under the influence of alcohol or other substances, or for any other reason) and can not object, it is rape because he is in a passive attitude, to which he leads (usually) the perpetrator the victim. "So rape is about cases where there is no common consensus to carry out an act and it only happens because one wants it."

The evolution and liberation experienced by each generation and age is different. Women today clearly have nothing to do with their grandmothers, as they have fought for equality and freedom. Women today can go out to have fun without asking permission, change as many partners as they wish, but also to dispos their body as they wish, without being labeled as "easy" or having the obligation to side with someone.

Based on the above data, Mr. Raftis was asked: In the scenario where a girl reaches the bed with a man and at the last moment regrets and does not want to do anything else, but the man forces her to continue, it is rape ; The psychologist's answer was clear and unequivocal: "Of course! Even in the case of couples who are in a relationship or married, when one of the two does not want for any reason to proceed with the act with his partner or spouse and resists in any way, but the partner / spouse proceeds to the required act without consent, it is also rape. The woman can file a complaint to the Police for the specific act, either she was related to the perpetrator or she is married. "When she commits an act that is not done with her full consent, then it is rape."

Society puts the victims on the wall

In many cases, the parents or the community and the environment of the victim who was raped, shift the responsibilities to the victim under various pretexts: "Go looking" as he went to the party, wore a short skirt, drank alcohol, talked to men he did not know. In the specific case of the 24-year-old, some people hurried to ask how the girl was found in the specific room where she complained that she had been raped.

On the occasion of the latest incident, Mr. Raftis explained that "the girl had gone to a party to have fun, even if she wanted to meet someone and spend the night with him! This would be done of her own free will, however, and would not be rape. Here we see that the girl found herself in a situation which she did not choose and even under the influence of substances. Also, in terms of the appearance of each victim, then all women are potential victims of rape because it is forbidden to dress as they like or it is forbidden to go to secular parties with men and drink alcohol! "So we have to take into account the situations and the facts of a rape."

The psychological state of a rape victim

How a person whose body, soul and inhibitions have been violated may feel may not be understood by someone who has not experienced something similar. However, the effects on the health and socialization of the individual manifest the effect on his personality. Of course, each person will react differently and will take on developments in their own way, depending on the attitude of those around them and their experiences. Mr. Raftis said in detail: "Each victim approaches the incident differently depending on his experiences. For example, a person may have been raped countless times (and I'm not just talking about physical rape, but also mental rape). If a person has grown up in a family that constantly rejects and diminishes it, it is a kind of mental rape. So this person should receive psychological help. It will certainly be a long time before [a woman with such experiences] trusts a man again. She may have the fear of having sex even with someone she loves. It can become completely distant with humans. It can also lead to eating disorders or depression or a lack of self-confidence, thinking that "to be treated like that is to say that I deserved it". "Many cases also lead to situations of self-destruction or even suicidal tendencies."

It is obvious, then, that when parents, friends, relatives and the environment blame the victim, they push them into the mud and depression. It is also understood that in such cases the family environment must be approached in order to understand what exactly the victim is experiencing, because the psychological rape by the family and society is very psychedelic.

Also, the psychologist - sociologist, Antonis Raftis, wishing to emphasize the seriousness and consequences of a rape, but also to clarify its multiple forms, stressed: "Even women who have ended up betraying themselves are victims of psychological rape and not always physical. Also, on this chapter I would like to emphasize that in a network of trafficking in women, the criminal is the one who forces her to have sex with the "client", as is the one who pays or forces a girl to commit such acts. acts, while he knows very well that he does not want it. "So the moral perpetrator is also a criminal and such acts are a double crime."

The incidents of rape in Cyprus are breathtaking

According to the statistics published by the Cyprus Police in the last five and a half years, for the period from 2016 until the middle of 2021 (for which there are available and updated data) 138 cases of rape were recorded on the island, most of which have traced.

More specifically, in 2016, 22 rapes and 2 attempts were reported to the Police, of which 2 unsolved cases remained. In 2017, rape cases were reduced to 19, of which the Police investigated 15. An attempted rape was also recorded. In 2018, allegations of rape rose to 28, with 23 being investigated, while there was also an investigated complaint of attempted rape. In 2019 we had the lowest number of reported cases with 16 cases and one attempted rape. It is important to note that all rape and attempted rape cases were investigated during that year. In 2020, the year in which Cyprus faced the coronavirus pandemic and the closure, the numbers were "launched" with the report of 27 rape cases, of which 21. The rape attempts amounted to 2. During the first In the first half of 2021, until the time when the Cyprus Police has updated information, the number of rape allegations was 26, while the number of attempts was 4, a relatively large number compared to previous years. Nicosia holds the negative lead in terms of rape in the first half of 2021, after 26 of the 13 cases took place in the capital. Larnaca comes second with 7 cases, while in Limassol and Paphos 2 rape cases were recorded. Finally, a relevant case was reported in Famagusta and Morphou.

Tent circuit in Cyprus as well?

Following the case of the 24-year-old from Thessaloniki, Aeolos's case was opened with new allegations, which seem to involve our country in networks of rape, prostitution, child pornography and other crimes.

The involvement of Cyprus in the circuit was brought to light by the well-known activist Elias Gionis. According to him, this group of men has been operating in a similar way for years, committing similar acts, with the victims keeping their mouths shut due to fear. "With the research we have done, about 10 people are involved in this story, in Greece, Cyprus and other areas. There are conversations where they choose their victims from social media after watching them for a long time. There is a pattern in all these allegations, that girls are drugged. Those who spoke are receiving threats, as now that this issue has come up in the news. No complaints have been made, because the victims are scared. "In the world of Thessaloniki, this group of people is known, there are simply no complaints because they have great power behind them", were the initial reports of Mr. Gionis. Then, in a SIGMA show, Mr. Gionis publicly denounced the involvement of Cyprus through individuals (Cypriots) who have connections. "There is a direct connection with Cyprus. "The base of the circuit in Athens has frequent movement to Cyprus and vice versa", he said. "There is a name in Cyprus that is a well-known family and lasts for several generations. This person is involved with the mafia in the area. From drugs to human trafficking that promises visas to individuals. "I spoke with people in the Cyprus Parliament," he said. As he explained, his research is done through a simple mobile phone and what he has in his possession are names and events. The activist did not stay there until, after a new intervention, he denounced the involvement of Cypriot politicians in a child pornography ring. He typically stated that he has material with images and data for arms and drug trafficking. At the same time, he pointed out that in Cyprus there are offices of a pornographic company, which are connected with Dubai, while he pointed out that well-known businessmen are also active in the network. "I have registered three names from different places in Cyprus," he said. In fact, as he said, he would give all the information he had to the Police on Friday.

From the first moment, the position of the Cyprus Police was requested regarding the allegations of the activist for the involvement of Cypriots in circuits, with the Spokesman of the Police, Christos Andreou, repeatedly clarifying that there is no complaint in the hands of the Police. The Cypriot authorities tried to contact the activist, something that was not possible, while according to what Mr. Andreou told "S" late on Friday afternoon, until that moment there was nothing new. The police continued to have no information, no information and no official complaint.

Where can a rape victim go to Cyprus?

As can be seen from the numbers issued by the Police regarding the rapes and the attempts, the relevant incidents on the island tend to increase. Therefore, a rape or attempted rape victim should be aware of where they can go if they find themselves in such a situation. It is also important to motivate the victims to report these incidents, in order to eliminate this crime once and for all.

It is a given that all victims, or those who support them, can make complaints to the nearest police station. There are, however, further groups that provide more comprehensive support to victims. The national helpline is 1440. Alternatively the public can contact via text message 99 984042. On the page of the Association for the Prevention and Response to Domestic Violence [SPAVO] there is an option for live chat: www.domviolence .org.cy. The helplines can be served with psychological support to the victims and their dependent children. People who experience any form of violence (psychological or physical) can seek help. Rape is a criminal offense and is punishable by life imprisonment.

Source: Today