15-year-old took his father's moped and crashed

A 15-year-old man was riding his father's moped and crashed

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Police in Nicosia arrested a 19-year-old man who was driving at an excessive speed, while in Larnaca, the Police are investigating the circumstances of a car accident in which a 15-year-old man, who was allegedly riding a moped, was slightly injured.

The 19-year-old was arrested by a member of the Road Accident Prevention Squad, of the Traffic Headquarters, who shortly after 9.30 last night, during a check on Independence Street in Strovolos, found through the speed control system integrated on the patrol vehicle - On Board Radar , that the young man was driving his car at a speed of 102 kilometers, instead of up to 50 which is the speed limit.

At the end of the police investigation, shortly after 11.30 pm, the 19-year-old was released, while he was summoned to appear before the Court this morning, for the trial of the case of driving a vehicle at excessive speed.

Earlier yesterday, around 6.20 in the afternoon, the Police received information that, on a road in the area of ​​Kiti, in Larnaca, an unknown young man had an accident with a moped he was riding. Members of the local Police Station rushed to the area, where it was found that the young man had already left the scene of the accident.

Subsequent examinations by the members of the Police, it was found that a 15-year-old man, while riding his father's moped, under conditions under investigation, lost control of the vehicle, and overturned on the road.

The 15-year-old was transported by his father to Larnaca General Hospital, where he was found to have suffered abrasions on his head. After receiving treatment, he was discharged.

The father of the minor was interrogated in writing, regarding the security measures of his moped and the conditions under which the 15-year-old acquired possession and was riding the moped. The examinations are continued by the Kiti Police Station.