Injustice of deprivation of sickness and unemployment benefits to employees over 63

Problems that arise for those who continue to work after the age of 63

63 years old, Unemployment, Illness, allowance

MPs spoke yesterday about an absurdity that is intensifying due to the increase in cases, on the occasion of the problems that arise for those who continue to work after the age of 63, since these employees are excluded from the provision of unemployment benefits, but also illness.

The issue was discussed again yesterday at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labor Committee during which not only was the problem confirmed, but as mentioned it has intensified due to the pandemic. As a result, efforts to address it will be continued by the Commission next week. The problem, as it is known, arises from the end of 2012, when the legislation was changed and since then the actuarial reduction of 12% is applied for those who retire at the age of 63.

The specific distortion, however, was identified after pressures by the Parliament under its previous composition and after a dialogue held in the Labor Advisory Body, the Ministry of Labor submitted a bill to address it, ensuring under certain conditions the right of those who choose to work after the 63rd year. of age on sickness benefit. Subsequently, Parliament amended the bill, introducing unconstitutional, according to the government, regulations, resulting in the referral of this legislation and then its report by the PTA to the Supreme Court, as Parliament insisted on the regulations it had voted . Yesterday, the representative of the Ministry of Labor and scientific collaborator of the Minister of Labor, Fanos Kouroufexis, initially stated that the government can not take new steps on the issue until the decision is finalized in the Supreme Court.

When, however, AKEL MP Christos Christofias indicated that there could be regulation, as was the case with the legislation on the reassessment of persons with permanent disabilities, which was also pending before the Supreme Court, a position agreed with by MPs from the ruling party. , the Ministry of Labor hinted that it could reinstate the bill as long as its acceptance is secured. During yesterday's meeting, however, it was stressed that the solution of the problem is urgent, as noted by the positions of the representatives of the social partners. The representatives of the social partners as well as the director of the Social Security Services stated that it is easier to settle the issue first with the sickness benefit and then the right to unemployment benefit for which an actuarial study is done.

Speaking after yesterday's meeting of the Labor Committee, its chairman, Andreas Kafkalias, noted the agreement of all members of the Committee, saying that the deprivation of important rights such as sickness and unemployment benefits, those who continue to work after the age of 63 It is a blatant injustice, so he added and asked the Ministry of Labor to take the initiative to resolve the issue immediately. He also mentioned that in the context of yesterday's session, the problem faced by many self-employed people, who are ill with Covid-19 or are contacts, since according to the current legislation they do not receive sickness allowance for the first 9 days they stay at home.

Regarding the issue, the director of YKA stated that the self-employed from May until the end of October were entitled to an allowance as well as the employees based on the decisions issued by the minister in the implementation of the special support plans, acknowledging that they are now entitled to allowance. legislation. He said, however, that an effort is being made by those who apply for sickness benefit because of it covid-19 be served as a matter of priority, but acknowledging the delays that arise.