These are the results of Sigma's Archdiocesan poll

The results of the Sigma poll for the Archdiocesan Elections have been released

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The results of Sigma's poll for the Archdiocesan Elections were released on the show "No Spins".

First, regarding the citizens' interest in the Archdiocesan Elections, 59% state that they are quite/very interested.

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However, 52% disagree with the process.

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Even though the majority does not agree with the procedure, it will go to vote. In particular, 58% say they will definitely vote.

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Most believe that the main characteristic of the next Archbishop should be honesty, followed by philanthropy and education.

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Closer to the people, according to the findings of the poll, is Limassol Athanasios.

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As for the victory performance, Limassol Athanasios appears first, followed by Pafos Georgios and Tamasos Isaia.

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If the elections were held today, Limassol Athanasios would be first in voting intention with 26%, Tamasou Isaias second, Paphos Georgios third with 15% and Konstantias Vassilios fourth with 13%. In the last two places are Morphou Neophytos with 5% and Kyrineias Chrysostomos with 3%.

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In relation to the certainty of voting, 88% of the voters of Morphos Neophytos state that they are sure of their choice. The corresponding percentage for Limassol Athanasios is 78%, while for Constantias Vasilios 76%.
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