This is the Reformation of the Government - The new faces

The choices of Nikos Anastasiadis - The movements and the new faces

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The new government, after the declared intention of the Minister of Health Konstantinos Ioannou to leave the Government and the resignation of Emily Giolitis from the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, was recently announced by the Government Spokesman Kyriakos Kousios.

Mr. Michalis Hadjipandelas, certified public accountant and holder of a degree in finance, has been appointed the new Minister of Health. Cyprus Electricity Authority. He was also president of Anorthosis.

Stefi Drakou, former general manager of the Association of Insurance Companies, is appointed new Minister of Justice and Public Order. Ms. Drakou -who is considered very capable and methodical- will be called to close several serious issues of this ministry.

Ms. Anastasia Anthousi, pharmacist and director of the office of the current Minister of Health, will take over as Deputy Minister of Social Welfare.

The position of Government Spokesman is taken over by Marios Pelekanos, who was a candidate with DISY in the parliamentary elections of May 30 (he is also chairman of the Board of KOAG and chairman of the EMU of DISY).

Niovi Parisinou, who is a member of the CCCI, takes over the position of Deputy Government Spokesperson, while Mr. Panagiotis Sentonas takes over the position of Citizen Commissioner, formerly known as the Volunteer Commissioner, in place of Giannis Giannakis, who recently left for bad reasons. do with his academic qualifications.

Andreas Iosif takes over the duties of press office director, while Viktoras Papadopoulos is transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Finally, Mr. Kyriakos Kousios thanked the President of the Republic for appointing him Government Representative in the previous government. "I chose to leave, despite the fact that the President of the Republic offered me a position."