Anastasiadis: I met with Averoff, we drank a glass for the Holidays

Answers for the research program in the Cyprus EEZ, for the upcoming Presidential and Averoff announcement

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Answers for the research program in the Cypriot EEZ, for the upcoming Presidential and Averoff announcement but also for his decision not to return the law for his associates were given on Thursday morning by President Anastasiadis. 

Speaking to reporters after his visit to an outpost of the National Guard on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, the President of the Republic, when asked to comment on the announcement of the candidacy of the President of DISY for the Presidency of the Republic, said that "he is not in my weight announced to comment on it.

It is the right of the President of the party, as provided by the Statute but also as the procedures of the Democratic Alarm provide, to have the right and another executive, if he wishes, to claim and through the House determined by the Statute, to choose the candidate for the next Presidential Elections ".

Asked if he met last night with the President of DISY, President Anastasiadis said "yes, we were invited by mutual friends and we met to have a glass in view of the upcoming holidays."

Asked if there is a possibility of another candidacy, the President of the Republic said that "I do not have in mind and I can not comment on the possibilities. The most certain thing is that I will not reclaim. "

Continues our research program smoothly 

In a journalist's remark that the drilling in the "Glafkos" field has started and when asked if there is a possibility for the consortium to proceed with a second drilling project in a second section, for which Turkey warns that it will react, the President said that " the research program of the Republic of Cyprus will continue unhindered.

I am not saying that drilling work will be done next year, but research work will definitely be done for block 5 that has been licensed to ExxonMobil and Qatar Petroleum ".

No comments for partners

Asked to address the issue that arose in Parliament for his colleagues, the President said that "I will sign the budget, but I will not relinquish the right to appeal to the Supreme Court on the basis of 139 for the conflict that is observed, is observed through the unconstitutional and arbitrary actions of the Parliament to interfere in the executive power.

The issue of co-workers is a matter for the court and therefore I do not want to comment on anything. That is, they themselves should appeal and claim what they have to claim. What I would like to note and say with regret, is that it is not possible to selectively refer to associates of the President when there are previous ones in the Parliament itself and not for one, but for eight specific employees. I do not want to comment further, it just requires more modesty in the laws as well as in the rights of the workers where and when they have the right to patent ".

Asked if he was referring to Mr Karoyan for the eight, the president said: "I am not referring to any of them. "I am referring to what happened in Parliament and it is up to either the Auditor General or anyone else to investigate it and find out what has happened."

The message of the pandemic

In a journalist remark that there is an increase in the number of coronavirus cases and that he was called to give his message, the President said that "what I want to address to the entire Cypriot people, especially these days, is to take into account that we try our best to be on the one hand protective of the health of life and on the other of the workers, of the entrepreneurs in general of the local economy.

My request is that in addition to the grievances, that everyone has the right to express themselves as they wish, the largest possible number to decide that our only protection is vaccination, the only protection against the pandemic, a phenomenon that is taking on new dimensions worldwide, is science. Those who deny science do not simply deny the opportunity given to them and the opportunity they have not to get sick, not to transmit, not to lose their own people, but the individual must now be transformed into a broader responsibility, a social responsibility for the benefit of the whole. " .

Asked if there is a possibility of tightening the measures, the President of the Republic said "I avoid such a possibility".