D. Dimitriou: The candidacy of Averoff, the "blessings" of PD and Christodoulidis

"It was not only sudden that the President of DISY would be a candidate, everyone was expecting it"

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"It was not only sudden that the President of DISY would be a candidate, everyone was expecting it. "He decided to put forward his candidacy in this way, with a short video, with which he sets the axes of politics that he wants to govern and the way", said the DISY Spokesman, Dimitris Dimitriou, speaking on SIGMA's show "Front Page" , for the official announcement of Averof Neophytos for the Presidential.

Asked to comment on why the video of the announcement was shot in Eleftherias Square, Mr. Dimitriou replied that it is a "jewel" point that shows the evolution and that the policies that are made with patience and perseverance have a nice result and symbolize all that Averof Neophytou wants to implement as President of the Republic.

Asked if he has the "blessings" of Nikos Anastasiadis, he replied that he will definitely "bless" a candidate of the faction that will emerge from the process of March 12 in the Supreme Council.

"There is no question that the candidate who will be selected by the party's procedures does not have the 'blessing'. "Either this is Averof Neophytou, or anyone else who will be decided by the collective bodies of the party", he stated characteristically.

As for whether the President was informed about Averoff's move, he said he did not know, however, "the only sure thing is that he was informed that he will be a candidate on January 10".

Asked to comment on whether there will be other candidates from the party, he noted that he could not talk about evidence if he did not see evidence.
"DISY is a deeply free party with clear procedures and it has not been done only once to see candidacies that no one expected," he said.

"Asked if Averoff's announcement is a message to Nikos Christodoulidis, he noted that it's important for the party president to announce his candidacy if he does it 20 days before with a video?" He asked.

"No one wants to interrupt," he clarified.

Asked to say if the party is not interested in what Nikos Christodoulidis is doing, he said that they are obviously also interested, since he will be a candidate of the party and will be brought before the collective bodies.

"We also invite Mr. Christodoulidis and other executives who may be interested, to submit their candidacy on January 10," he stressed.