Increased corporate deposits in banks in 2021

Where else is there an increase according to the announcement of the Central Bank

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Deposits increased by € 2,87 billion from the beginning of the year until November 2021, while last year the increase was € 804 million. Businesses increased deposits by 1,47 billion, households by 557 million, insurance companies businesses and pension funds by € 243 million, general government by € 102,5 million and the rest came from other financial intermediaries.

From the data announced yesterday by the Central Bank, it seems that several households were pulling out of the ready almost every month, in contrast to the companies that put something aside.

Total deposits in November 2021 recorded a net increase of € 480,8 million, compared to a net increase of € 279,6 million in October 2021 and € 190,9 million last November. The annual rate of change reached 5,8%, compared to 5,3% in October 2021. The balance of deposits in November 2021 reached € 51,2 billion.

Households did not do as well in deposits as businesses. There have been outflows since July, with the exception of October, when € 67 million increased. Domestic deposits increased by € 502,5 million at the end of November from € 268,1 million in October and € 177,7 million last year. November. Deposits from third countries rose 13,9 million from 17,2 million in October and € 38,3 million last November. Deposits from European Union countries showed outflows of € 35,6 million in November while in October they were € 5,7 million. Last year in November the outflows were € 25,1 million.

Total loans in November 2021 recorded a net decrease of € 3,9 million, compared to a net decrease of € 15,7 million in October 2021. The annual rate of change reached 1,4%, compared to 1,3% in October 2021. The balance of total loans in November 2021 reached € 29,6 billion. The difference between deposits and loans has raised excess liquidity to € 21,15 billion, but despite the liquidity held by banks, they do not lend easily. The balance of mortgages at the end of November was € 8,84 billion, consumer loans € 1,42 billion and business € 14,99 billion.