Wild pursuit: He was driving a stolen car, he went to escape but he was "fought"

He pleaded guilty to car theft

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At around 10.45 last night, members of the Limassol Police Department spotted a vehicle moving on a road in Limassol, which appeared to be of the same type and color as a car that appeared to be involved in the theft of another car.

During the control that was done through the computerized system of the Police, it was found that the numbers of the specific vehicle belong to another type of vehicle.

As soon as the driver noticed the presence of the Police, he developed speed and tried to escape but was stopped by a second motorized patrol of the Limassol Police Department.

As it turned out, the driver of the car in question was a 35-year-old resident of Limassol. Upon further inspection, it was found that the vehicle numbers were falsified, while this was declared immobilized since April 2017. Therefore, it was not covered by a safety certificate either.

During the ensuing search, a 20-liter tank containing gasoline was found inside the vehicle, as well as a car battery for which the 35-year-old was unable to give a satisfactory explanation.

The 35-year-old is being interrogated, allegedly pleading guilty to car theft committed on February 6, 2022 in Limassol and after being arrested he was taken into custody.

TAE Limassol continues the examinations.