Asylum seekers do not register as unemployed so as not to lose benefits

4.000 asylum seekers who are not registered as unemployed


The information that thousands of asylum seekers do not want to register as unemployed in order to receive benefits was confirmed on the front page by the director of the office of the Ministry of Interior, Loizos Michael.

Specifically, according to the newspaper Phileleftheros, letters to four thousand asylum seekers who have not registered as unemployed were sent by the Ministry of Social Welfare. By law, people who have applied for asylum can stay wherever they want and move around freely until their application is considered. They are, however, obliged to register with the competent services for finding a job. A recent survey by State Department of Social Welfare officials found that some XNUMX asylum seekers had expressed no interest in finding work so as not to lose the benefit they were receiving.

According to the same publication, after they were located, a list was compiled and they were recently sent a warning letter asking them to register for a job search, otherwise they will lose the benefits they receive.