Change from today at CovSCAN - Door to those who break the quarantine

Changes from today in the safe pass of those who are ill

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Changes from today in the safe pass of patients who temporarily enter the ice, during their confinement, in order to avoid cases where patients "break" their quarantine and move undisturbed, spreading the virus.

In statements yesterday to OMEGA, the Undersecretary of Innovation explained that the CovPass platform will be connected to the electronic platform of the Ministry of Health for the confirmed cases, in order to cancel the SafePass of those who are diagnosed positive in the coronavirus.

"When the citizen decides to move either to the supermarket, to the kiosk or anywhere else, CovSCAN will be presented as invalid with a red mark. "The official will not know if it is a case or not for reasons of personal data protection", said speaking to Omega the Deputy Minister of Innovation Kyriakos Kokkinos.

This measure has no end time horizon

"These people will not be able to issue a new certificate before being released from quarantine," clarified Kyriakos Kokkinos.

At this stage, this application concerns domestic travel, while exercises are done on paper so that it works at a pan-European level, since as he mentioned in other countries the same phenomenon is observed.