Reserve changes are coming - Who will be entitled to a legal exemption

The changes promoted by the Ministry of Defense on the issue of reserve

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The spokesman, Christos Pieris, spoke on the front page about the changes promoted by the Ministry of Defense on the issue of the reserve.

In particular, he said that after the report of the Audit Office, some changes were promoted to improve the backup system. Initially, in the matter of monitoring the reserve, it was found that several reserves escaped from the presentation, despite the fact that the law is clear that in case of change of their situation e.g. returning student, they must declare it. So a year ago the Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted a grace period and now the electronic reserve monitoring system will begin to be implemented, both in the Police and in the military offices. Very soon it will be at the entrances of the Republic.

According to Mr. Pieris, the second issue was that "some state officials, such as MPs, Ministers, the Attorney General, mayors, community leaders, etc., by law must go reservists. However, based on their professional activity and the obligations they have, they could not be presented as reserves. They were not illegal themselves, we were illegal, that we allowed them not to come to the presentations, because when you see a PAP of a Minister you realize that you are not going to give it to him when you know that he has a Council of Ministers that day. With the new amendment of the law, we will close this problem that existed regarding the exemptions that we gave and were not legal ".

He added that "the specific categories will be exempted, without any problem".