He stole 10 euros from a woman's vehicle - How they beat him

He was robbed of 10.000 euros that he had stolen from a vehicle

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A sum of money found by the Paphos Police in the possession of a 31-year-old man after a traffic control was found to have been stolen on the night of January 16th and January 17th from a vehicle belonging to a 67-year-old woman, according to Paphos ADE Press Spokesman and Paphos TAE Officer Michalis Nikolaou .

As Mr. Nikolaou mentioned, the 10.000-year-old kept the sum of 185 euros and 67 Turkish lira in her vehicle parked outside her residence in Paphos.

The 31-year-old was located shortly after midnight on Saturday, by members of Group Z while conducting traffic checks on Akamantidos Street when they stopped a vehicle he was driving with a suspended driver's license, no insurance, no certificate of fitness and a drug test that was submitted had a positive indication.

Furthermore, the sum of 10.000 euros and 185 Turkish lira was found in his possession. He had not given satisfactory explanations for the possession of the sum of money and was arrested for illegal possession of property. Subsequently, the 31-year-old was arrested and detained for two days.

Following the development, the 31-year-old was re-arrested on Monday with a court warrant for the theft of the money in question.