She grabbed her 7-year-old child and left for Europe - They are looking for a 38-year-old woman

She grabbed her child and fled Cyprus – The authorities are looking for a 38-year-old woman

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A case of abduction of a minor by a person exercising joint guardianship is being investigated by the TAE Pafos as well as theft of property.

According to the Press Spokesman of ADE Paphos and Head of TAE Paphos Michalis Nikolaou, on Friday afternoon it was reported by a permanent resident of Paphos aged 63 that on Thursday after his return from abroad, he found that his 38-year-old wife was absent from the house together with their minor son aged 7 years.

He also found that all of his husband's personal belongings were missing from their residence, as well as his own wristwatch worth 2.000 euros and sums of money of 500 euros and 1500 dollars that belonged to him.

From further examinations carried out by the Police it became clear that on January 30, the two persons departed from Paphos airport bound for a country in Europe.

The complainant stated that he did not consent to the removal of the minor from the borders of the Republic. An arrest warrant was issued against the 38-year-old woman and she is wanted.