Police: The 31-year-old's allegations are confirmed - No criminal activity is suspected

It seems that all the claims of the 31-year-old are true

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It seems that all the claims of the 31-year-old who was arrested and was until today in custody as a suspect in the death of the 28-year-old in Petra tou Romiou are true, after they were evaluated by the Police and it seems that no criminal action is taking place, the Police spokesperson said, Christos Andreou, on Friday, shortly after his release, whose second detention order expired today.

As Mr. Andreou noted, today a meeting was held at the offices of the Legal Service with the investigators, in the presence of the Assistant Prosecutor General, where the results of the examinations were discussed, as well as all the witness material that had been collected by the Police all this time period the suspect was in custody.

"In the analysis of the data that has been collected, it appears that no criminal activity has occurred", he said, adding that "all the allegations of the suspect have been evaluated, tests have been carried out in this direction and it seems that they are all correct and have been certified by independent testimony".

Asked about alleged contradictions in which the suspect had been mentioned during his initial testimony, Mr. Andreou noted that "in the preliminary stages of the case, the facts were different. When investigators then proceeded to trace or cross-reference what he had said, it appeared that the allegations he had made were all true."

"On the basis of this data, the suspect has already been dismissed since 11.30am and we are continuing the examinations. The file will be completed and forwarded to the coroner for further action," said Mr. Andreou.

Source: KYPE