Averof Neophytou: The incredible commentary on the snapshot from the past! "Ene thorkoumun..." (VIDEO)

"Foulis has come and fully booked!", said the candidate for the President of the Republic, among other things

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In the evening satirical show of ANT1, "Casa De Mikel", hosted by Michael Sophocleousand Christina Kyriakou, hosted last night Saturday January 28, o Averof Neophytou.

Ο candidate for President of the Republicgranted interview after all, to the presenter of the evening show, Michalis Sophokleous, and he talked about a lot of things, mentioning the following saying when he entered the studio:"Foulis came and fully booked!".

In fact, afterwards and during their discussion, Averof Neophytou completely uncomplicated, commented on a throwback snapshot from his past, he made fun of himself, causing much laughter in the audience of the show!

Watch the video: