Increase in Covid19 cases - The announcement of the Ministry of Health

Where to show SafePass

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On the occasion of the increase in the number of positive COVID19 cases in the Republic of Cyprus but also in European countries, the Ministry of Health reminds that all citizens should continue to observe personal protection measures (distance, hand hygiene) while the use of a protective mask is recommended in color space (weddings, christenings, concerts, parties etc), In persons belonging to vulnerable groups of the population, as well as to people who associate with high-risk people.

It is reminded that:

• Confirmed coronavirus cases should remain self-limiting for at least 7 days (with sampling day set to zero). Release can be done earlier by ensuring a negative molecular PCR test on day 5. Find the instructions and the release protocol here: (Greek  and English  & ).

• Close contacts of confirmed coronavirus cases should be reported by the positive case or their employer and follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health for self-monitoring of symptoms and free examination. Find the instructions for close contacts here: (Greek  and English ).

• If a person develops symptoms compatible with the disease COVID-19 should limit social contact and contact his / her Physician's staff for a free PCR examination.

• The use of a face mask is mandatory for all employees as well as for visitors 12 years and older, indoors in public and private hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical and diagnostic centers, nursing homes and other care and nursing facilities for the elderly and vulnerable groups and rehabilitation centers, as well as on public transport.

Obligation to show Safe Pass

For visits to nursing homes, closed structures, outpatient clinics, hospitals, medical and diagnostic centers, clinics, rehabilitation centers and reception centers:

  • For people who do not have a valid vaccination certificate: 48-hour Rapid test or 72-hour PCR.
  • For persons holding a valid immunization certificate: No obligation

For visits to patients in public and private hospitals

A rapid antigen detection test (Rapid test) or 48-hour PCR is required for people over 6 years of age (2 people per day, 1 person per visit).

  • It is understood that in extremely urgent cases the number of people and visits may be increased, provided that approval is obtained from the hospital management.

The Ministry of Health monitors the situation on a daily basis and evaluates the data, while it is ready to review the measures if deemed necessary.

Phonesα communication for issues COVID-19: 1474 and 22421600 (08:00-20:00)