The decisions for the on-duty clinics were extended

The announcement of the Ministry of Health

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Statements by the Minister of Health after today's meeting on the operation of on-call clinics:

The broad meeting with all stakeholders, including OKYPY, was completed.

The meeting is over but I want to tell the world that our main goal is to operate these on-call clinics, because in this way the ordinary citizen who needs them so much will be served. We listened carefully to all stakeholders, we heard some problems, and we have agreed that in the coming days there will be some additional meetings from the Ministry of Health, in order to solve some of the problems discussed in today's session. Also regarding medical issues, we have agreed to set up a committee under the supervision of the Pancyprian Medical Association, which will examine all medical issues. It was also decided that we would have another session next Wednesday at 5 p.m. to the Ministry, in order to make the final decisions and to announce to the world what we will do regarding the on-call clinics.

Are there any schedules for the start date?

We will surely know when the on-duty clinics will be open next Wednesday. We have listened carefully to all stakeholders, I have mentioned it again, and based on what we have heard, we will find the right solutions.

We had initially said that the operation of the on-call clinics would be at the beginning of July. Does this schedule remain?

Our goal, as I mentioned at the meeting, is certainly not to talk about September as it came to light in the previous days. If we do the on-call surgeries, we will definitely do them in the coming weeks.

What are the main problems that emerged through the meeting?

There have been some problems that have been happily resolved, there has been some progress. There was a specific problem as to what medical procedures will be performed in these clinics, it has been clarified, there is another issue regarding the staffing of outpatient clinics, and this is an issue that we will study as the Ministry of Health.

Will the Patients' Federation be informed about the operation of these clinics?

We know from the first day I have been appointed Minister the opinion of the patients, I will definitely inform them about this meeting. But we, like the Patients' Federation, know and want the operation of these on-call clinics and we at the Ministry of Health.

I would also like to thank the President of the Pancyprian Medical Association, my friend Petros Agathangelou. Yesterday's intervention was decisive in order to avoid this strike. Already under his chairmanship, all medical issues related to on-call clinics will be examined.

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