Pandemic management and upgrading GESS services high on priorities, says Minister of Health

"Managing the pandemic, upgrading the services of the GESS and addressing any issues that arise, are high on our priorities"

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The management of the pandemic, the upgrading of the services of GESS and the confrontation of any issues that arise, are high in our priorities, stressed the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipandella, in his Christmas message.

He added that it is a challenge, but also a duty, to cooperate with all agencies in order for the health sector in our country to be a bright beacon and an example to be imitated.

Mr. Hadjipandella said that "the deadly virus threatens all of humanity and we are obliged to continue the effort, as outlined by the world scientific community."

He stated that "the Council of Ministers took measures of social protection, measures of social sensitivity, measures of social responsibility, and measures of justice with absolute respect for our fellow human beings".

"The vast majority of our people support the effort, follow it and support it. That is why some excellent results have been recorded. Our young people threw down the wall, took the big step, to protect themselves, but above all the grandparents, the parents, the whole of our society. And we thank them! ”, Noted the Minister of Health.

He underlined that "at the Ministry of Health, we sympathize with all patients and try to solve their daily problems".

On the occasion of Christmas, Mr. Hadjipandela expressed deep gratitude to the Cypriot people for the effort they make and aim to improve our daily lives.

"I feel the need to publicly express a big 'thank you' to the staff of the Ministry of Health, from the public health servants in the front line, to the top executives. "We are grateful to all the health scientists, the doctors, the nurses, the caregivers, all the members of the human resources, who struggle every day, at personal cost, with sacrifices and with anguish to offer the best possible to their fellow human beings", he said.

He pointed out that "the difficult conditions we are experiencing, can not spoil the magic of Christmas. "We pray for generous love and strengthen the belief that the hopeful message of Christmas will embrace all people in every corner of the earth, with the expectation that rebirth will come through the manger of our souls," concluded the Minister of Health.