Dr. Elias: A 13-day-old newborn with coronavirus is being treated out of danger

Almost 100% is the fullness in the pediatric wards

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Almost 100% is full in the pediatric wards with Dr. Abraham Elias stating that an increase in cases was expected.

Speaking on the front page, the Director of the Pediatric Clinic of Makarios Hospital, Dr. Abraham Elias stated that this period is by far the largest in pediatric wards.

"What is special at this time is that children with a fever should be isolated until the possibility of covid disease is ruled out. 19 However, things have been better over the weekend. % "Said Dr. Elias.

Asked about the opening of schools, he said that "schools had to be opened because they have already suffered two mass abstentions in recent years and have had an impact on both their mental health and their education."

He also mentioned that at the moment in the intensive care unit of Makarios Hospital there is a child who was born prematurely from a positive mother who, as she mentioned, had a difficult time. "She was intubated, the child was also premature and she is intubated but the child is out of danger."

In closing he mentioned that there is still a 13-day-old baby with covid but out of danger.