Show students: What the regulations say - Haircuts, earrings and bracelets

An uproar has erupted after yesterday's expulsion of students from Larnaca High School, due to haircuts

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An uproar has erupted after yesterday's expulsion of students from Larnaca High School, due to haircuts.

According to the President of the Larnaca Parents' Confederation, Kosta Kosta, around 50-60 students were expelled, causing disruption to parents who were called to the school one after another to pick up their children on the first day of the new school term.

The Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou, denied the incident, noting that there were no expulsions but recommendations to the students. Then the relevant student expulsion document was leaked to the media, refuting the Minister himself.

In light of the incident, SigmaLive sought to find out the rules of decent student appearance within the school community.

Based on the circular dated September 28, 2009, the Ministry of Education and Culture in relation to the issue of decent appearance clarifies that this is determined by each school unit based on common sense and good taste, in a spirit of cooperation, mutual respect and dialogue with consensual procedures and with the involvement of all interested parties (educators, students, parents).

In order to avoid unnecessary controversies and tensions regarding the subject of decent appearance, for which there are various interpretations and opinions, it is clarified that the following framework, which has been included in the Internal Regulations of various schools and is already being applied, may apply to each school unit without particular problems:

Provocative appearance and that which violates the prevailing rules of aesthetics and ethics are considered indecent.

Based on this reasoning, the school considers the following as indecent and provocative appearance:

Excessively long or dyed hair, an odd haircut, an obvious unshaven face, a beard or under-beard, earrings, bracelets, decorative chains and the like are considered excesses for students.

For schoolgirls, a quirky hairstyle (dyed or tufted hair or sophisticated highlights), a make-up face and low-waisted trousers or a short skirt and long or painted nails are considered excessive. Schoolgirls can wear rings (but not many or flashy ones) or bracelets (in a limited number), the traditional earrings and scarves to match the shades of the uniform.

In general, both male and female students should avoid provocative dress and choices inconsistent with student status and good appearance as defined above.

Students come to school every day without exaggeration, which, by general admission, is not consistent with student status.