They approved a €4,8 million plan for low-income pensioners

New Plan to Support Pensioners with Low Incomes, the Council of Ministers approved on Wednesday

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According to a written statement by Deputy Government Spokesperson Niovis Parisinou, the Council of Ministers, taking into account the special conditions created by the pandemic and inflation, also approved a new Support Plan for Low Income Pensioners. This decision concerns approximately 22.380 households. The relevant expenditure amounts to € 4.8 million.

A Financial Support and Support Plan was also approved for persons who were under the care of the Director of Social Welfare Services and who have the right to apply for the provision of a Minimum Guaranteed Income.

In particular, according to Ms. Parisinou, the plan concerns students who work during their course breaks. It also concerns persons, who serve their military service.

Finally, the Cabinet approved a Tuition Subsidy and Feeding Plan for children up to four years of age. As stated, the plan concerns support for cases of children where a substantial loss of family income is found.