Laboratory for production of drugs and magic mushrooms - Handcuffs to the owner of the house (PICTURES)

IMAGES: Handcuffs on a 2nd person for the cannabis-mushroom production workshop in Larnaca

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A second person was arrested and detained in connection with the ongoing cannabis cultivation case, which was located by members of the Anti-Drug Service, in specially arranged nurseries in a house in Larnaca, last Saturday.

This is the owner of the house, a 34-year-old man, who was arrested yesterday at noon by members of YKAN, while this morning, the Larnaca District Court, at the request of the Police, issued an eight-day detention order for police investigations.

Another suspect, aged 59, is in custody by a court order issued last Sunday. The 59-year-old was arrested on Saturday, when according to research company from YKAN, at the home of the 34-year-old, he was located in the house, while during the search carried out in his presence, a number of cultivated cannabis plants and psychedelic mushrooms, known as magic mushrooms, were found in development rooms.

A total of 18 cannabis plants and two packages of psychedelic mushroom cultivation were located and confiscated, located in professional and specially arranged nurseries producing hemp and psychedelic mushrooms. Various items related to the cultivation and packaging of hemp and psychedelic mushrooms were also found.

The YKAN Ladder in the Larnaca District continues the examinations.

70A8B125 4390 4717 8FAF 378279DC52BB p, YKAN