Police raid on a house in Limassol - 26-year-old handcuffed

A quantity of cannabis was found in a pot in the kitchen

police2 Drugs, HCMC

As part of the evaluation of evidence, members of YKAN (Klimakio Limassol) carried out a search yesterday morning based on a court warrant, at the home of a 26-year-old man in Limassol.

During the investigation, two nylon packages were found in a pot in the kitchen, which contained a total amount of cannabis weighing approximately 260 grams, as a result of which the 26-year-old was arrested for a self-inflicted crime. The 26-year-old's vehicle was also searched, but nothing suspicious was found.

The arrested person was taken to the YKAN offices where he was re-arrested based on a court warrant and was taken into custody.

YKAN (Limassol Ladder) continues the exams.