"Dou" of the YKAN in the house of a 29-year-old man - They found drugs, fireworks and duty-free tobacco

The 29-year-old was arrested and taken into custody

b police1 Narcotics, HYKAN

Quantities of cannabis, fireworks and duty-free tobacco products were located and seized yesterday, during an investigation carried out by members of the National Security Agency, in a house in Paphos. To facilitate the investigations, the members of the Police proceeded to arrest the 29-year-old resident of the house.

The search, at the 29-year-old's home, was carried out last night, pursuant to a judicial search warrant, which was issued after evaluating information obtained by the Police. In the course of it, a nylon bag containing a quantity of cannabis, with a gross weight of approximately 11 grams, was located and seized. Upon further investigation, two boxes containing 188 hand-launched fireworks were also located and seized inside the home.

Following the investigation, a large quantity of duty-free tobacco products was located and seized. Specifically, 6106 packs of cigarettes, 94 boxes of electronic cigarettes, five kilograms and 100 grams of tobacco and four kilograms of tobacco were seized. 509 packs of cigarettes and 10 packs of e-cigarettes, believed to be stolen goods, were also located and seized.

During the investigation, an amount of €4,640 and a motorcycle, of which the 29-year-old is not the registered owner, were also located and seized and it is being investigated whether it is a stolen product.

The 29-year-old was arrested for spontaneous offenses and taken into custody to facilitate investigations.

The Paphos TAE and the YKAN (Paphos District Level) are continuing the examinations, while the amount of money and the duty-free tobacco products were received by the Customs Department, which is also investigating the case.