Incidental chase with shots fired – 12 kilos of drugs seized

The driver of the vehicle crashed into four service vehicles

Screenshot 12 1 Drugs, HYKAN

In the context of preventing and combating serious and organized crime and following a coordinated operation by YCAN, a large quantity of narcotic substances, as well as a large sum of money, was detected and seized yesterday.

In total, a quantity of cannabis weighing approximately 12 kilograms was located and confiscated, as well as one kilogram of cocaine.

In addition to the narcotics, an amount of approximately 75 thousand euros was located and confiscated.

In particular, shortly after 5 pm yesterday, an attempt was made to stop a car, in which two people were riding and it was moving in the area of ​​the village of Embas.

The driver of the vehicle failed to stop and after developing speed collided with four official vehicles and managed to escape.

In order to stop the vehicle, warning shots were fired by the YCAN members.

The occupants abandoned their vehicle in the area of ​​Empa and fled in an unknown direction without being successfully arrested.

The driver of the vehicle, during his escape, was seen to throw a bag on the roof of an abandoned house, which, after being received, was found to contain a quantity of cannabis, weighing one kilogram and approximately 114 grams.

In subsequent searches of homes and a vehicle connected to the persons in question, a quantity of cannabis weighing 10 kilograms and approximately 884 grams, a quantity of cocaine weighing one gram and approximately 19 grams, as well as a sum of money of approximately 75,000 euros were found.

YKAN (Paphos Ladder) continues the exams.

Screenshot 1 6 Drugs, HYKAN