Evagoras Tambouris: 2.000 children aged 5-11 received the first dose of vaccine

What is the situation in the vaccination centers according to Mr. Evagoras Tampouris

The Deputy Director of Nursing Services, Evagoras Tampouris, in his intervention on the show Alpha Enimerosi, stated that the picture in the vaccination centers is better, while regarding the overcrowding observed in the last few days, he advised the citizens to follow the measures while waiting for the turn for vaccination.

He added that in order to meet the needs of the vaccination centers, the staffing reaches 100% and the citizens are not wrong when they protest, however calls for time credit for their service.

Regarding the numbers, Mr. Tambouris stated that, Yesterday 1020 people rushed for the first dose and regarding the vaccination of children 5-11 years old who received the first dose of vaccine according to Mr. Tambouris until yesterday it amounted to 2.239.