Wild bird trafficking ring busted - eagle chicks found

A ring of illegal trade in rare wild birds of prey appears to have been dismantled by the Game and Wildlife Service in cooperation with the Police

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A ring of illegal trade in rare wild birds of prey seems to have been dismantled by the Game and Fauna Service in cooperation with the Police, says a relevant announcement.

Specifically, after collecting and exploiting specific data on the illegal trade of wild birds, a search was carried out yesterday afternoon, following a court warrant, at the home of a specific person from a municipality of the Nicosia District.

During the search, two eagle chicks were located and seized, which were in a paper bag and appeared to have been separated, very recently, from a nest in the natural environment. At this point it is worth noting that, from information that our Service receives from time to time, in the illegal trade of species of wild fauna, the specific species of birds can be sold for a price of several thousand euros.

At the same time, it is noted that the population of the eagle-eagle in Cyprus, a few years ago, was at very low levels and due to the long-term efforts of both our Service and other State Services and Non-Governmental Organizations, the population of the species has recovered significantly.

Additionally, during the above investigation, one frozen hare in full fur, twenty-two frozen pilicutoons in full plumage, eight frozen wild birds of the sylvid family, nineteen woodpeckers and two hunting firearms were located and seized during the above investigation.