The Police detected 171 speed limit violations in a 24-hour period

The police are on the streets

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A total of 398 traffic violations were detected and reported during traffic checks carried out by members of the Police, throughout Cyprus, from Thursday 16/03/2023 until the morning of March 17, of which 171 concerned exceeding the speed limit, the Police announced on Friday.

Also from 06 – 12 March, there were 227 complaints about not using a seat belt and four complaints about a child seat.

According to a police statement, in a campaign also carried out in the city and province of Nicosia, members of the Traffic Police reported 172 drivers for violating a traffic signal (right turn), seven people for using a mobile phone while driving, eight people for not wearing a seat belt, four drivers for not wearing a protective helmet and another ten drivers for driving without a license or without a safety certificate.

Finally, the Police notes that traffic checks continue every day, with the aim of preventing fatal and serious traffic collisions, as well as strengthening the correct road awareness of all road users.

Also in another announcement for the week of traffic checks and information actions, for the use of seat belts and child seats, which took place from Monday to Sunday, March 06-12, it is stated that there were 227 complaints for not using a seat belt and four complaints for a child seat.

Action on road safety was carried out simultaneously at pan-European level, by the member countries of the European Traffic Police Network - Roadpol.

Source: KYPE