And Larnaca on the Cyprus-Greece ferry connection (BINTEO)

Eight routes will be operated this year from Larnaca and the remaining 14 from Limassol


And Larnaca will participate this season in the Cyprus-Greece ferry connection. Speaking to Sigma and the show Mesimeri and Kati, the CEO of the company Scandro Holdings, which undertook to carry out the specific routes, stated that last year there was no possibility of negotiation with the port of Larnaca as there was no contractor yet. This year, with the concession of the management of the port to the Kition consortium, there were some contacts and it was decided to carry out a number of routes from the port of Larnaca as well.

Specifically, as Mr. Michael mentioned, 14 routes will be operated from Limassol, and then the remaining eight routes will be operated from the port of Larnaca. As he said, there is not expected to be any change in prices, however there is expected to be some change in the hours the route will last as the two ports are approximately two hours apart in distance.

According to Mr. Michael, the establishment of routes also from the port of Larnaca was also a request of several travelers, who were protesting why they have to travel to Limassol to take the ferry and there is no possibility of Larnaca as well. So it was decided to grant this request. Mr. Michael said that within days an announcement will be issued with all the relevant details.