Complaints about nightclubs: "Illegal places, come and see"

Nightclubs still closed with the association reporting illegal operations

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The nightclubs are still closed with the association denouncing illegal activities.

Speaking on the front page, the President of the Association of Entertainment Centers, Nikos Vassileiou, stated that the legal entertainment centers do not work at all, "there are hundreds that are illegal, illegal places that become" come and see "and no control is done.

We have reported many cases, we have sent videos that circulate on social media and nothing is done. "It seems that the coronavirus is not illegal."

Then, intensely annoyed by the measures imposed by the Government, he stated the following: How long will this situation last?

It is okay for a 12-17 year old child to enter a place with a small test of the day and the person who will be vaccinated and will have a rapid test can not go and have fun ".

"I am a very dignified person and they have become beggars for us."

In closing, he said that they have talked with the President of the Republic, who promised to talk to those responsible for the issue and explained that they expect the Minister of Health to hold a meeting as soon as possible.