Congolese man stole nude photos and extorted sex

He threatened a woman to have sex with him or he would publish her nude photos

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Two persons of African origin are wanted by the Police for an investigated case concerning charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, illegal access to an information system, interception of private communication and threat of life.

According to the head of the TAE Paphos, Michalis Nikolaou, yesterday two young women, aged 24 and 26 from the Congo, reported to the Police that their 24-year-old friend and compatriot, while looking into the phone of one of the two, seems to have stolen a number of photos nude content by sending them to his mobile phone without her permission.

According to the complainants, the 24-year-old suspect then appears to have sent this content to another 31-year-old person also from the Congo. The latter, using the specific photographic material, reported that Mr. Nikolaou allegedly threatened one of the two women, asking her to have sexual contact with him, otherwise he would publish this material on Social Media.

Arrest warrants were issued against the two suspects, aged 24 and 31, and they are wanted.