Cyprus: A special Klimakio investigated 233 cases of domestic violence in the province

A total of 233 cases have been investigated since February 15, 2021


A total of 233 cases have been investigated since February 15, 2021, set up by the Paphos Crime Investigation Department, the Paphos Police Violence Investigation Unit, until 31.12.21, according to Assistant Police Officer John.

Mr. Ioannou told KYPE that there are 259 complainants and what is obvious, is as he said, that in each case there may be more than one complainant. He also added that the accused are 247.

According to Paphos Police Director Michalis Ioannou, 109 arrests were made during this period. He also said that detention orders had been issued for 44 people and restrictive conditions had been imposed on another 58 people.

Mr. Ioannou stressed that Klimakio handles all cases concerning the Paphos District, adding that this "does not mean that if a victim goes to the local Paphos police station, he will not have immediate help", on the contrary he continued, "it will be due of attention and care, always in collaboration with the Ladder of Domestic Violence, until the Ladder undertakes its investigation ", he added.

Source: KYPE