Cyprus: Slight injuries for the 11-year-old who was dragged by his bicycle

He was dragged by his bicycle from a car in Geroskipou yesterday

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An eleven-year-old man, who allegedly was dragged by his bicycle from a car in Geroskipou yesterday, was transported to the Paphos General Hospital with his state of health not inspiring concern.

According to the Assistant Police Director of Paphos, Michalis Ioannou, yesterday at 16:20, a 26-year-old permanent resident of Paphos, while driving his car on a road in Geroskipou, at a point on the road under conditions that the Paphos Traffic Police is investigating, allegedly dragged the bicycle driven by 11 .

As a result of the accident, the 11-year-old was injured and transported to Paphos Hospital, where he was detained for further treatment.

According to the doctor on duty, the 11-year-old has minor head injuries. His state of health is not a cause for concern.

At a preliminary alcohol test in the 26-year-old, the indication was negative.

The examinations are continued by the Paphos Traffic Police.

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