CYPRUS: 4-year-old Nikolas is battling cancer and needs our help

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4-year-old Nikolas has been diagnosed with cancer and needs our help.

Nicholas is in Germany for treatment, and his family is trying to raise the sum of 250.000 euros, so that he can get a trial vaccine in the USA, which, as they say, will help him come out a winner against cancer, and be able to live a life like other children.

The risk of recurrence of this type of cancer is 60%, and unfortunately if it recurs, the survival rate drops to 10%. This series of vaccines in America is the only treatment that can keep him alive without recurrence.

The story of Nikolas:

"On 15/12/2020, our 4-year-old boy, our Nicholas, was diagnosed with metastatic neuroblastoma (cancer, stage 4), an extremely aggressive cancer of the nervous system. It was found that there was a tumor 10 cm above his right kidney, and that the cancer had metastasized and spread throughout his small body (including bones, bone marrow and lymph nodes). On New Year's Eve, December 31, 2020, Nicholas started our chemotherapy to stop the cancer from spreading further. His treatment took place in Cyprus and included 8 rapid chemotherapy treatments, with each cycle taking place every 10 days. There were also more than 10 blood and platelet transfusions, and a lot of suffering and pain that no child should ever go through. Nicholas spent almost 3 months in the hospital. Nikolas' treatment has now been transferred from Cyprus to Germany. Together with Nikolas in Germany is the mother, while the father stayed in Cyprus to take care of their second child, one year old Lucas. The family will be separated for at least a year until Nikolas' treatment is completed. The pressure is enormous, mental, physical, and financial. Nicholas still has a long way to go and the treatment will be very toxic. He will undergo intense treatments that may have long-term effects. The treatment schedule for Neuroblastoma in stage 4 lasts about 15 months and includes 8 cycles of chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumor, stem cell transfer, high-dose chemotherapy with bone marrow transplantation, and so on.

Our boy is a very smart child, who speaks 3 languages ​​(English, Greek, Russian) fluently. She has a younger brother, Lucas, with whom they were forced to separate. He loves dinosaurs, playing with his friends, and wants to go back to school and his life.

Unfortunately, even after all this time-consuming and painful treatment, the chance of recurrence of neuroblastoma is quite high (about 60%). If it recurs, the chance of survival drops to 10%. Here we ask for your help. In order to give our Nikolas the best chance of survival, we must raise the sum of 250.000 euros to gain access to the vaccine trial that takes place in America. This vaccine will actually train the child's body to recognize the cancer cells so that their immune system kills them before they spread.

We love our baby, our Nicholas, and we can not bear to think that we can lose him. Please, help us to give him the best possible chance to win back his life. We ask you with all our might to support us in this difficult journey of ours, by making a donation, as small or large as you can. If this is easy for you, you can also share the fundraising page. Thank you very much for all your help ”!!!

So we can help

"Those who want to support our effort by making a donation, please click on one of the links below":
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