Cyprus: He was driving drunk in the opposite direction on the highway

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Witnesses of another unbelievable incident of reckless and dangerous driving on the Cypriot roads became members of the Traffic Police on Sunday night.

A 52-year-old Greek Cypriot was spotted by members of the Road Accident Prevention Unit of their Traffic Department of the Police Headquarters driving in the opposite direction inside a highway.

The incident happened on Sunday night on the Limassol-Paphos highway, near Kouklia.

It was around 8:35, when a vehicle was spotted running in the opposite direction towards Paphos.

The police immediately stopped the vehicle and found that it was driven by a 52-year-old man.

They then took the 52-year-old to the Kouklia Police Station, where he underwent an alcohol test with a final indication of 133mg. However, further examinations revealed that the 52-year-old, in addition to being drunk, was also driving without a license.

The driver was charged in writing and will be brought before a court later.

Source: philenews