A 60-year-old man was arrested for seducing a police officer in Limassol

The 60-year-old collided with a member of the Bicycle Police

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As part of an investigation into a road traffic collision, the Police arrested a person yesterday afternoon.

He is a 60-year-old man who was taken into custody to facilitate interrogations.

The road collision concerned the 60-year-old's failure to stop for a check yesterday, when he was spotted yesterday afternoon by members of the Limassol Bicycle Police, driving recklessly and dangerously in an area of ​​Limassol.

The 60-year-old driver developed speed to escape, and during his stop, he collided slightly with a member of the Bicycle Police.

From the tests that followed, it was found that the 60-year-old was driving his car, without a safety certificate, a driving license, a certificate of eligibility, while also carrying a stolen registration plate.

It was also found that a number of fine warrants were pending against the 60-year-old.

The Cycling Club member visited a private hospital, where it was found that he had bruises in various parts of his body and after receiving first aid, he was discharged.

The Limassol Traffic Police continues the examinations.