Larnaca: In a cell for 10 years, a 67-year-old man for raping a woman

In prison for 10 years, 67-year-old

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The Permanent Criminal Court of Larnaca imposed today, after a hearing, on a 67-year-old man, concurrent prison terms with the highest being 10 years for the crime of raping a woman.

According to an announcement by the Criminal Court "the offenses were committed on December 13, 2021 in Larnaca. The accused maintained a romantic relationship with the complainant, a relationship which ended with the two continuing to have contact".

It is added that on December 13, 2021 the man took the woman to his home and despite her desire to go home, she was attacked by the accused who punched her and then immobilized her and raped her.

It is reported that "the Court, when imposing the sentence, took into account, among other things, his personal circumstances and the health problems faced by the accused".

Source: KYPE